Software for Intuitive Planning and Creation of Orthoses and Corsets

AM-Tools provides orthopedists and technicians with a powerful software tool for planning and creating orthoses or corsets for 3D printing. Starting from a 3D body scan of the patient, which can be created with commercially available 3D sensors, the outer contour of the orthosis as well as additional ventilation holes are modeled three-dimensionally on a patient-individual basis. The software is enhanced by powerful tools for generating topologically distributed patterns as ventilation structures as well as local wall thickness adaptations (skeletonization). The process of creating a consistent 3D volume model (triangle mesh) in standardized data formats for export to CAD or slicer programs rounds off the software package.

At a Glance

  • Import and repair functions for a variety of 3D formats
  • Intuitive modeling of orthoses and corsets (outline, cutouts, closures)
  • Semi-automatic generation of topological ventilation structures (pattern generation)
  • Generation of lettering and product IDs
  • Automatic generation of a consistent 3D model as a printable volume model


  • All-in-one software with various extension possibilities, tailored to your application case
  • Intuitive easy-to-understand application and handling of product creation
  • Cost and time savings from data acquisition to modeling through flexible software solution
Workflow for modeling a knee orthosis based on a 3D scan
Graphical user interface (GUI) of the modeling software for orthoses and corsets