What’s about Final Surface?

Final Surface is a high quality software product for professional acquisition, visualization, editing and analysis of complex 3d data in form of point clouds and triangle meshes. You can import data of different 3d measuring systems of various vendors and from CAD software. The software contains a variety of professional tools and algorithms for the analysis and processing of 3D data.

Final Surface is developed and published by the Society for the Promotion of Applied Computer Science (GFaI e.V.) based in Berlin, Germany.

Functional range of Final Surface

  • 3D visualization of point clouds and triangle meshes
  • Surface generation and processing of 3D point clouds
  • Analysis and editing of triangle meshes
  • Professional 3D data analysis
  • Versatile import and export functions
  • Interactive tools (e.g. cut tool, colorize by gradient, texture manager)
  • A large number of optional extension modules
  • The user interface can be displayed in German and English

Analyze, Measure, Visualize

The 3D software Final Surface provides you with extensive analysis, measuring and viewing functions to check and evaluate your data sets:

  • Representation of contour lines and clip views
  • False color visualization of point clouds and triangle meshes according to their geometric distribution
  • Detect invalid neighborhoods and wrongly oriented triangles
  • Detect articulation points and double points
  • Measure distances and angles between individual objects
  • Calculating geometrical objects and analytical geometries from 3D data (spheres, cylinders, planes, spline curves)
  • Calculate intersection points, angles, volumes and surface areas of objects

Supported 3D file formats

3D PDFx3D Portable Document Format
3DS*xx3D Studio Format
AMFxxAdditive Manufacturing File Format
ASC, XYZ, TXTxxAscii Format
SCN, BSCNxxGFaI Scene Format
CADxCAD File Format
CNK, BCNKxxGFaI Chunk Format
CSV, TSVxxComma-/Tab Separated Format
DXF*xxDrawing Interchange Format
E57¹xxE57 Laserscan Format
FLS¹, FWS¹, LSPROJ¹xFARO Laserscan Format
GTSxxGNU Triangulated Surface
IGS², IGES²xInitial Graphics Exchange Specification
MDLxxGFaI MDL Format
NDFxGFaI Raw Scan Data Format
OBJxxWavefront OBJ
OFFxObject File Format
PLYxxPolygon File Format / Stanford Triangle Format
POVxPOV-Ray Format
PTS¹xxPTS Leica Laserscan Format
PTX¹xPTX Leica Laserscan Format
PTG¹xxPTG Leica Laserscan Format
STL, STLA, STLBxxSurface Tesselation Language / Standard Triangulation Language
STP², STEP²xSTEP Format (Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data)
U3DxUniversal 3D
WRLxxVRML 97 Format
XHTML, X3DxExtensible HyperText Markup Language / Extensible 3D Format
ZFS¹xZoller+Fröhlich Laserscan-Format
ZIP, GZxxCompressed ASC, XYZ, TXT, CSV, TSV Files

* The signed file formats will import the relevant point and triangle data only
¹ Available via Laserscan File Formats extension module
² Available via CAD File Formats extension module