What does the Final Surface demo version include?

The demo version of Final Surface is a full version provided for testing purposes. It contains all basic extension modules and can be tested without time limit and installed on different PCs/Notebooks.

What is the difference between the demo version and the full version?

All save and export functions are not available in the demo version.

How much does Final Surface and the expansion modules cost?

You can request an individual offer via our purchase form. The offered prices depend mainly on your program configuration (type and number of extension modules).

How do I license Final Surface?

After purchasing the software, we will supply you with a computer-independent, transferable USB dongle for a single-user license. Please ask for network/floating licenses in the offer if required.

Where can I find manuals for the software?

Manuals for the software Final Surface and the extension modules can be found under Downloads.

Which languages packages are available for the software?

The demo and full versions of Final Surface includes language packages for German and English. The language can be chosen individually in the program settings at any time.

What are the system requirements for Final Surface?

See System Requirements for details of minimum and recommended system requirements.

Which graphics chip (Nvidia/AMD/Intel) should I select?

Please select the most powerful graphics chip (Nvidia/AMD) for PCs or notebooks with several graphics chips. This can be done in the settings of the graphics driver for the 3D application Final Surface. If you have further questions, please contact the PC/notebook manufacturer or your system administrator.

Can I process large amounts of data with a low performance PC/Notebook?

Yes, because Final Surface automatically reduces the displayed 3D data if there is not enough graphics memory available. The amount of memory required can also be reduced in individual cases in order to optimize the speed for large amounts of data. For optimal operation, however, we recommend that you refer to the configuration listed under System Requirements.

Can I import very large georeferenced/geodetic coordinates?

Yes, because some file format imports (such as E57, LAS, LAZ) support the import of very large georeferenced/geodetic coordinates. When importing data in corresponding formats, a coordinate offset is determined and the local point coordinates are reduced by this offset.

My question could not be answered, who can I contact?

If your desired question could not be answered so far or you have not found a satisfying answer, you are welcome to contact our technical support. You can either use our contact form or write us directly an e-mail.