Extension Modules: Laser Scanning

The extension module Laser Scanning provides support to control terrestrical laser scanner (TLS) from different manufacturers and to visualize and edit scan results (3d point clouds) directly.

The scanner type can be selected from a list. Different controls can be used to set the horizontal and vertical scan ranges, as well as resolution, quality and color mode.


  • Configuration of the horizontal start and end angles when the scanner is rotated around its vertical axis
  • Configuration of the vertical start and end angles for the rotation of the laser within the scanner
  • Configuration of the number of measurement points to be captured for the set scan range
  • Configuration of the quality of the recorded measurement points (reduction of measurement noise)
  • Color modes can be selected depending on scanner type (RGB color values, intensity)
  • Input of scanner-specific settings (e.g. network connection data)

Note: On usage of a FARO scanner an intermediate processing step utilizing the third party software FARO Scene is necessary to convert recorded color information into point colors.

Supported Laser Scanners

The extension module integrates the software development kits of the companies FARO and Zoller+Fröhlich. This guarantees that the corresponding products of the respective manufacturers should be supported to a large extent.

In detail, the following laser scanners have been successfully tested by us:

  • FARO Focus 3D S 120
  • FARO Focus 3D X 130
  • FARO Focus S 70
  • Zoller+Fröhlich Imager 5006H